Fade To Black

   Or maybe, Paint To Black is a more appropriate title? We saw a great post by Alpharetta's own Peace Painting Company, Inc on Hometalk. (In case you're not up with the latest, all the cool remodelers, contractors and homeowners are chatting on Hometalk! Check it out!) 
   We've been working around metro Atlanta for over sixteen years now and have seen our share of "Golden Oak" and white stairs and railings. Are you familiar with this?
   It's a builder favorite!
   Well, when we saw what Peace Painting did for an Alpharetta home, we wanted to share it! For relatively little time and money they dramatically changed the look of this home's small stairway. 

Imagine going from something like this:

To this!
   It's an easy way to update your stairway - and can be done by your painter, your contractor, or if you're ambitious - even yourself! (Although, after reading some of the stories of do it yourself railing paint jobs gone wrong that people posted on Hometalk, we might recommend a professional!) 


  1. With this black staircase, it will totally dominate your room in a pleasing way.I'm so into accenting with black right now, because they don't get all grungy like white ones do. Color black stairway is the best because it will work with any kind of wall paint.

  2. Thanks for the comment! We couldn't agree more on the clean-looking benefits of the black!

  3. @wall graphic - I agree. What color of your wall doesnt matter, black staircase always match for all colors of walls. I personally recommend black color staincase.
    Atlanta Carpet Cleaning

  4. Having black staircases are great when you have kids. It makes the staircase more visible and its low maintenance because It doesn't get dirty and children can't write on them.


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