Fabulous LED

  Maybe believe the future of residential lighting lies with the LED. Energy Star states that LED lights are a "natural fit for cutting-edge renovation, new construction projects, or do-it-yourself upgrades. ENERGY STAR qualified residential LED lighting uses at least 75% less energy, lasts 25 times longer than incandescent lighting and provides optimal light color."
  AK has been using LED under-cabinet lights for many of our Atlanta remodeling projects for quite some time because of their energy efficiency, long bulb life-span and because they produce 95% less heat than a normal incandescent bulb. The cooler bulb and fixture is better for the cabinetry, and better for the fingers trying to change the light bulb! There are other ways to use LED lighting in the kitchen, and K+BB featured several of them this month on their website. See K+BB's fabulous LED finds below:

-Handcrafted from iron, Tango from Corbett Lighting is an orb-shaped pendant featuring cutouts that radiate light. Offered in a textured bronze finish, it is available in four sizes, as well as a sconce. Shown is Model 138-44, which measures 30 in. in diameter and is illuminated with an 18W LED.


 -Bruck Lighting System’s Rain Chandelier features handblown glass pendants suspended at different lengths from a 24-in. x 24-in. aluminum canopy.

-Offered in 15- or 24-lamp configurations and a variety of artisan glass options, it is lit with 3W LEDs or 20W halogens. Custom designs are also available. 

 -Dorian from WAC Lighting mimics the shimmer of jellyfish with layers of hand-applied dichroic glass in amber, orange, blue, green or pink (shown). Measuring 12 in. tall and 6 1/2 in. wide, it is equipped with strands of crystal beads designed to suggest the motion of tentacles. The pendant can be used with several of the company’s lighting systems and specified with mounting hardware in a variety of designer finishes.


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