Are You Prepared To Make The Hard Decisions?

 When we think about remodeling, it's easy to think of all the great positive and exciting aspects to the project; having a beautiful new space that functions well for your family and adds value to one of your most valuable investments - your home. What we sometimes don't think about is the hard work that it takes to get that end result!
  Even when you're working with a professional design/build remodeling firm like AK, you're not completely off the hook for hard work. Your main job during your remodel, as an AK client, is to make decisions. It sounds simple enough, right? 
Paper or plastic? Do you want fries with that? Is that a Grande or a Venti? 

We all make countless decisions every day! But making decisions for your home, that you have to live with, and look at, day in and day out can be a little more intimidating and stressful than many homeowners anticipate. The inability to make decisions and commit to materials and products has derailed more than a few fantastic remodeling projects. 
To prevent this from happening to you here are some common sense, and some not so common sense, tips to put yourself in the right place and prepare yourself to make good decisions. When it comes to your remodeling project, that is. As for the're on your own.
  • List Your Goals
    • Make a list of your top goals you want the remodel to accomplish. (You can also fulfill this tip by using AK's kitchen remodel questionnaire and/or bath remodel questionnaire.) For example, if you're looking for the remodel to give you a space that's easy to clean, list that as a goal. When you have to make material selections, make sure they meet the requirements of your list. You can eliminate high-maintenance materials like marble, unsealed stone tiles, etc. right off the bat because they are not easy to clean!
  • Shorten The List
    • There are five million and one choices for cabinet pulls, and backsplash tiles...even grout! Do yourself a favor by shortening the list of choices. Only look at items that are 1) - Within your set price range and 2) - Meet the style and design goals of your remodel. (don't look at art deco knobs for your traditional kitchen)  It's easy to think "I should just look. What if I find something I love that I hadn't planned on!?" The problem is that you will cause yourself more stress and more time than if you just shortened your list of choices, and picked from there. If you've done the right planning and research beforehand, and are working with the right company, you'll make the right choice!
    • AK does this for our clients! If our clients are looking for an oil-rubbed bronze knob with complimenting pull we don't send them out into the overwhelming world of knobs to fend for themselves. We preview selections with the best manufacturers and select several suitable options, within their price point, and let the clients choose from these pre-selected options. AK clients are in no way limited to these options, but they all appreciate AK eliminating the leg work and allowing them to pick from the best of the bunch!
  • Set The Mood
    • Know when your decision deadlines are from the beginning. (The deadlines will likely be based on stages of completion and not calendar dates. Your remodeler should keep you well informed on where you are on your project timeline) Prepare yourself to make these decisions by conducting all your research beforehand: look at magazines, tear out pictures, review your list of goals, visit friend's houses, talk to your remodeler. Give yourself time! Don't try to choose your new granite countertop the day before you leave for vacation. You need to be in the right mindset and feel comfortable and confident when making these important decisions. Don't wait until the last minute.


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