AK's Latest Atlanta Kitchen Remodel - Before & Afters

 This client initially contacted AK to have their bathroom remodeled. The kitchen was on their radar, but they thought they'd like their bathroom completed first. However, after meeting with AK's President and hearing his ideas, feeling comfortable with the company - and the realizing the amazing potential their kitchen held - they decided to go ahead with a complete kitchen remodel. Before the kitchen was plain, very white, with limited space. It was not designed for ultimate functionality! Now the kitchen is rich and classic. With varying and accenting colors and textures...simply stunning.

Now you can see below the kitchen before & how it looks today!
(It's almost complete!)

See The Remodel Underway!

 The space is prepped, ready for paint, tile, cabinets & more!

 The new tile the homeowner's selected is beautiful! It compliments the paint choice, and will provide an excellent entry/exit surface for the outdoor access. We love the neutral tones with the taupes!
 Re-purposing the old cabinets! It's like renovating TWO rooms!

8/16/11 Update

 The Cabinets Are IN!
The furniture base gives a high-end, classic look to the remodeled kitchen. The tile compliments all the colors of the kitchen and the light grout brings in the light accent cabinets. It's all coming together beautifully!!

 The new kitchen compliments the style of the rest of the home.

 These are the old kitchen cabinets, re-purposed in the client's basement. We now refer to the space as Oscar the Cat's Kitchen. Oscar insisted on his own kitchen to go along with the upstairs renovation! 

You can see the finished product starting to take shape.

"The kitchen is coming together well, the cabinets are incredible, and re-purposing the old cabinets will give us tons of storage. AK has been a joy to work with, no struggles, no worries.
-The happy homeowners"

8/23/11 Update
The cabinets are complete & the granite is in!

"The work is almost complete. The lighting and appliances went in yesterday, a few small details to finish up. Having our kitchen back is almost too good to be true. The wok has been professional from start to finish, AK takes care of all the detail, this has been as close to a stress free renovation as we could have hoped for. 
-The happy homeowners" 
 8/24/11 Update

"It has been wonderful being able to hear what others are thinking about our new kitchen. Working with AK has taken what could have been a huge chaotic event and turned it into a peaceful transformation. This is truly our dream kitchen...
-The happy homeowners"


  1. We wonder what Oscar's going to cook in that big new kitchen of his!

  2. Your kitchen looks very elegant, thank you for sharing these pictures.


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