Does Your Kitchen Match Your Style?

  Our respected peers, Seattle kitchen remodelers, Powell Custom Homes & Renovations, wrote this great piece about deciding on a style for your kitchen remodel. An issue near and dear to our heart...It's a big part of what we do with every Atlanta kitchen remodel - help the homeowner decide the best style to suit their taste, their need for function and to mesh well with the rest of their home! After all, a minimalist modern kitchen may not be the best choice if the rest of your home is done in country french, or old European. AK's design professionals can help you pick a style that will meet your need for form, function and, of course, style! Take a look at Powell's ideas below and their list of the most common kitchen styles to get a head start before you meet with AK!

   "Once you’ve arrived at the conclusion that you really want to remodel your kitchen you’ll be faced with another major decision: What do you want it to look like? Even if your decision to remodel is largely driven by functionality (that is, your kitchen just doesn’t work the way you want it to), the way your kitchen looks is extremely important. Because you spend so much time in your kitchen (preparing food, eating, doing homework, or just hanging out) you want it to be a place where you feel comfortable. 
So what’s your style? What style of kitchen makes you feel comfortable and at home? It’s good to have a general sense of the look and feel you’re after, because that will affect the materials you choose. Not every kind of material works well with every style (Think about wearing hiking boots with a tuxedo or flip flops with an evening gown). And your choice of materials is significant because—if you’re like most people remodeling a kitchen—you’ll only spend about 15 percent of your budget on labor. The rest of your budget will go toward materials. 
How do you determine what style is right for you? One of the best ways to do that is to do some online searches of popular styles and see what you like. Start with the basic styles listed here, type them into your browser and look at images that represent these styles:

-Modern Kitchens Modern kitchens emphasize a simple, sleek style with clean lines that let the materials you chose and the colors you pick come to the forefront.
-Traditional Kitchens In a traditional kitchen the focus is on details such as crown molding and raised wood paneling complemented by rich, deep colors.
-Country Kitchens Country kitchens tend more toward a warm, casual, comfortable atmosphere that often features a rustic or weathered look.
-Contemporary Kitchens A contemporary style kitchen may take advantage of contrasting textures and bold accents in a natural setting.

Are you locked in to any of these styles? Of course not, but using them as a starting point will help you find examples of which materials work best in different settings. 
What else would help you define your kitchen style?"

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