The Smarter kitchen Sink

 AK recently connected with Dino Rachiele, ACSD, who we think has a really neat product! We'd like to share a little information on his behalf. What do you think of this sink? We love the apron front and undermount options with customization and smart design!

"I have been working for many years to perfect the kitchen sink. Thanks to the feedback from many of you, as well as one forward thinking engineer (and customer) by the name of Robert Pennybaker, I have put together the best sink design in the industry. Here are some of the design elements that are unique to our sinks. If you love to cook, this is your kitchen sink!" - Dino

  • Rear Corner sink drain location - Allows for set-off space and even a dish rack on one side, while having the ability to wash dishes on the side with the drain.
  • Long single bowl kitchen sinks - Double bowl sinks became extinct with the invention of the dishwasher. I feel a 36" long sink is the ultimate size for a kitchen sink if you have the space in your kitchen for one.
  • The Smarter Kitchen Sink option - a 3/4" lip, 2" down from the front and rear of the sink. This ledge allows for many timesaving components such as: Cutting boards and grid drains, This option is available on copper apron front sinks, under mount and top mount sinks - both in copper and stainless steel. 


  1. That sink is very, very cool. Probably way out of my price league, though. :)

    This time around, we're just going with one big 36" sink. (Once we actually have a counter...and cabinets... and a floor!!)

  2. Hi Karen:
    We checked out your blog - what a project you and your family are undertaking! Keep us posted on your project, we'd love to see some before & afters and even share them with our blog readers. Your area in CA looks so beautiful!!
    Good luck with your sink selection, let us know if you have any questions!
    -The AK Team

  3. A RedyTemp hot water optimizer would go great with that sink unless you already have no-wait hot water at all taps in your home.

  4. Looks like Kallista has just debuted a similar sink, but it doesn't look like they have any copper options!


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