A Creative Kitchen Remodel

   This Marietta kitchen is currently undergoing a facelift - courtesy of The Kitchen Doctor at AK Complete Home Renovations. The kitchen before was well cared for, with upgraded touches and very similar to what many of us in Atlanta have! If this kitchen looks familiar to you, be sure to stay-tuned to see the finished product. You may just be able to see a similar renovation coming to your Atlanta kitchen soon!

The Kitchen Before

Stay Tuned For The Finished Product - It's Almost Done!! 
For more on this project, or on starting a similar one - Click here!


  1. Renovated look is going to be fantastic.

  2. I'm looking froward for the completed look of the Marietta kitchen. I'm sure after the renovation, the kitchen would look magnificent. Thanks for sharing us an update about this project!

  3. Wow, that would definitely work. Nice remodel work there.


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