The Top 5 High Impact / Low Cost Home Improvements

  Shauna Zamarripa, of Yahoo's contributor network, knows a little something about home values. As a realtor and a financial writer, Shauna recognizes the need for homeowners to complete major remodeling and renovations projects as needed. Afterall, as many realtors will tell you, great kitchens sell homes! But what's great about Shauna's list below is that she has listed 5 easy and low cost home improvements that pack a big punch!

   These are great do-it-yourself home improvements to do prior to resale, before a major event at your home or just to spruce up a little for spring!
#1 - Paint
A fresh coat of paint livens up any room. Virtually any room in your house can be primed and painted for around $100 including paint and supplies. In addition, painting worn out cabinets in kitchens or bathrooms or purchasing a do-it-yourself refinishing kit is a project that can be done in a day or two, adding appeal and value to any room.

#2 - Hardware
Changing out door hardware throughout the interior of your home, or making some changes to an external doorknob or fixture improves the look of eye level door knobs without breaking the bank. You can buy new hardware from websites like for an entire home for around $100, or new outdoor hardware for around $50. While it may not seem like much, the little things can add substantial value and appeal.


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