Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Halloween House

 It's the one time of year we actually ADD spider webs to our decor and let cut gourds sit unrefrigerated while we munch on chocolate and sugary treats. Nothing is more fun than breaking our conventions and letting our homes look frightful for a few days around Halloween. How about a little decoration inspiration?

A Beautiful Child-Friendly Halloween Wreath
 Use Grapevines, spray painted if you want to, along with plastic spiders. Take your glue gun and get creative! Let the kids pick out what else to include on the wreath and where to put it - it's OK if it's crazy!

From Good Housekeeping
   Before you assemble these pumpkin pillars, be sure to choose pumpkins that are the right size for your urns (the largest should fit right on top of the urn and the others should fit on top of each other. as shown in the photo).
-Cut off the tops of the pumpkins (discarding all but the smallest pumpkin top). Clean out seeds and pulp from inside the pumpkins and stack them as shown.
-After the pumpkins are hollow and stacked, use a black washable marker to test designs for your tree. Once you are ready for a permanent picture, go over your design with black enamel craft paint that will not run off in wet weather. When the paint is dry, carefully wipe away any washable marker line using a damp towel.
-To emulate stars, drill 1/4-inch holes into the pumpkins. For the three-tiered look, draw and carve out a crescent moon on the smallest pumpkin.
-Last, place candles inside the pumpkins to bring the spooky scene to life.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Why Choose AK?

  We talked about the red dots of Atlanta - the thousands of remodelers working in and around the city. When you have so many companies to choose from, why choose AK Complete Home Renovations? 
  While you probably know that AK is not just another contractor, that AK is a Design/Build firm that works with you on your project from start to finish, you may not know exactly how we work. So AK made a video detailing some of our unique processes and services; 
it’s here that you might find some big differences and learn why your friends and neighbors have chosen AK for over 15 years!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Contest Announcement For Facebook Fans

  AK Complete Home Renovations Is Proud To Announce 
AK's Great Cooktop Giveaway

15" Induction Cooktop with Single Large 12" Induction Zone, PowerBoost, Electronic Touch Controls & Stainless Steel Trim

Everyone Who "Likes" AK On Facebook Is Eligible To Win This Thermador Induction Cooktop! 

Because we respect your email privacy, in order to enter the drawing you must do two simple things:

  • "Like" AK Complete Home Renovations On Facebook (if you haven't already) Here Is The Link: AK on FB
 Once we verify that you are an official liker you will be entered into the drawing to win. 

You must email your entry by November 10th at 12:01pm!

The Winner Will Be Announced On Friday November 12th On Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Via The Method Of Contact Included In Their Entry Email!

The winner will be selected at random from all verified email entries arriving before 11/10/10 at 12:01pm. Arrangements for pickup, delivery or shipping of the cooktop will be made personally with the winner. There is no cost to enter the contest. Each unique email address that both emails and "likes" AK on Facebook will have one entry into the contest. (one entry per email address) If the winner declines the prize for any reason another winner will be chosen in the same manner from the same group of entries.

Want To Know More About The Prize?

The surface of an induction cooktop stays cooler to the touch, making it safer than traditional cooktops.

Since only the pan is heated, spills do not bake or crust onto the cooktop and can be easily wipe off.

Induction technology allows instantaneous temperature changes as the power level is adjusted, making it as responsive and as flexible as gas cooktops, which is why induction is the cooktop of choice by professional chefs

The ultimate heating precision of induction coupled with our proprietary 10-step power micro-adjustments between zero and 25% provides superior performance over the widest range of simmering needs.

Induction cooktops heat 50% faster than traditional gas cooktops, and Thermador's heats even faster thanks to the PowerBoost feature.

The PowerBoost feature allows the maximum power rating of an element to be exceeded, bringing foods to the highest temperature desired in the shortest period of time.
Since induction cooktops apply energy directly to the pan itself, they don't waste heat like radiant or gas systems and achieve a much higher efficiency rating than other cooktops.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sub-Zero/Wolf and Top Designers Share Kitchen Design Trends

CUSTOM HOME Magazine / Stephani L. Miller

A report co-authored by Jamie Drake, Mick De Giulio, and Matthew Quinn, with the company, tracks the evolution of the modern kitchen and identifies future directions.
  Kitchen appliance manufacturers Sub-Zero and Wolf have collaborated with three notable designers to identify current kitchen design trends and predict future directions for the space that has become the heart of the home. New York-based interior designer Jamie Drake, Chicago-based kitchen designer Mick De Giulio, and Atlanta-based kitchen designer Matthew Quinn joined together to analyze kitchen designs entered into Sub-Zero and Wolf's biennial Kitchen Design Contest, track the design trends illustrated therein, as well as through their own practices, and pinpoint potential evolutionary developments that may yield future trends in kitchen design.
AK Complete Home Renovations
  Each of the designers has played a substantial role over the years in the appliance manufacturer's Kitchen Design Contest, serving as members of the judging panel. The trio identified five trends that will continue to evolve and inform future kitchen designs:

Incorporating lifestyles into the kitchen. Homes have become kitchen-centric, with kitchens serving as a family's venue for leisure, work, and entertaining in addition to its utilitarian roles. Homeowners are willing to devote a greater share of thought, square footage, and budget to design kitchens that will ease this lifestyle integration, the report says. Moving forward, designers will seek to create more unified, holistic concepts for lifestyle-inclusive kitchen environments.
AK Complete Home Renovations
"Green" refocusing on health and wellness. Going beyond simple conservation of resources, green design in the kitchen now puts a greater emphasis on healthy living, the designers report. It is primarily driven by the farm-to-table movement and homeowners' desire to live within an environment that supports their families' health. Indoor air quality is becoming more important to homeowners, so low- or no-VOC finishes, paints, sealants, and cabinetry materials are increasingly being incorporated into kitchens, as well as ventilation and filtration systems. Also, appliance industry groups currently are developing lifecycle-based sustainability standards for home appliances such as microwaves and refrigerators, which will add a new dimension to appliance performance.

Personal experience and personality-driven design. Many homeowners, not satisfied with cookie-cutter kitchens, are choosing to put a personal stamp on their designs to create unique spaces that showcase their aesthetic preferences and personalities, according to the report. Reflecting the kitchen's shift from pure utility to venue for comfort and expression, elements like lighting fixtures, countertops, and hardware are getting the custom treatment with personalized touches, such as countertops embedded with favorite objects or motifs, or whimsical cabinet knobs. Consumers are savvier than ever about the options available to them, and they will continue to demand ever-more-personalized designs.
AK Complete Home Renovations
Honest use of noble materials. Natural materials are able to retain their own voices in today's kitchens, rather than being muted by unnatural treatments. Wood cabinetry may be painted, but the preference is now for a hand-applied finish that allows brush marks and the material's original grain to show through, for example. Stone's natural veining is highly valued, and finish preferences have shifted toward honed rather than polished, to let the stone's raw texture shine. A wider range of metals is being used, from stainless steel to polished nickel to bronzes and brasses with living finishes.

Technological innovation dissolving the kitchen's boundaries. As the separation between kitchens and living rooms continues to disappear, homeowners are showing a greater preference for integrating and concealing utilitarian elements such as appliances using the aforementioned natural materials, and the report predicts that designers' ability to accomplish this will be supported by technological advances. Technology also will enable seamless aging-in-place design and the incorporation of electronic displays and control panels, as well as lighting, into kitchen surfaces—countertops in particular. Further product innovations and electronic advances will make wireless/plugless countertop appliance operation a reality.

   Whether any or all of these possibilities fully develop into future design concepts for kitchens likely will vary—as many trends do—depending on regional influences and budgetary considerations. However, each design direction reflects a greater desire for control, ease, and environmental sensitivity within the home that appears to be increasingly common among a diverse range of homeowners.