Common Sense Tips For Home Safety

   Your home is your safe haven. It is the place where you can let down your hair, take your shoes off and really just be yourself. It is the place where you are loved, stable and secure. That’s why it is so incredibly devastating when something threatens the security of your home. Although any tragedy is terrible, the tragedy that occurs within the walls of your safe haven is particularly hard to get over. Smart families will do all that they can to prevent such a situation from occurring by taking precautionary measures to increase their home security.

Keep Your Home Safe from Burglars
   One of the things that we are often most afraid of in our homes is the terror of a home invasion or burglary. The idea that someone else would come into our safe space and cause us harm is frightening. Many home security measures are designed to prevent this. Some of the options you have for increasing home security to prevent break-ins include:

§ Install a home alarm system. This is a common and smart way to prevent break-ins.
§ Improve outdoor lighting. Homes with good exterior lighting including motion lights tend to deter burglars.
§ Get a dog. Families with dogs are less likely to be targets of victimization in the home.
§ Invest in kickproof doors. Consumer Reports says that burglars often kick in doors to get in but they can’t do this if you strengthen the doors with deadbolt locks and reinforced metal box strikes.
§ Minimize shrubbery around the home. Try to keep the yard free of big shrubs and other areas that make it easy for a burglar to hide to case the place.
§ Keep your doors and windows locked. If you make it easy for someone to get into your home then they’re more likely to do so. Make it tougher.
§ Remove any keys stored around the home. Those fake rocks and under-the-doormat keys are a very bad idea because burglars know about them by now.
§ Avoid being too flashy with your home. Keep your home nice and neat, of course, but don’t excessively show off any wealth you have. Fancy cars should be kept in closed garages, for example, so that they don’t entice burglars.
§ Create or get involved with a Neighborhood Watch Group. There is strength in numbers when it comes to protecting your home.


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