Attention Fellow Remodelers & Contractors

  We want to hear all about your biggest marketing successes!

  What have you done for your business that has yielded the best results? Inquiring minds want to know! Over the past few years, many in our business have found that we have had to do more with less - a common theme in many households across our country! Many businesses who could not stream line and rethink expenses and spending - marketing costs being one of them - were forced to close their doors. Now we believe we have made it through the worst of things and many of us are ready to start reinvesting in some marketing endeavors.
   Let's use this as a forum to share our winning ideas with our peers across the nation! 
Was it...
  • Postcards? (Have you tried cold calling the recipients? How was the response?)
  • Coupons? (On your website? In an ad?)
  • Referral Programs? (Have you tried paying a referral fee? Did it result in significantly more referrals? How did you promote this?)
  • Print Ads? (In what media did you find this most effective?)
  • Online Ads? (Was it Adwords? Another?)
  • Cold Calling? (What businesses is this most effective for?)
  • Free Talks? Lectures?


  1. We'll get it started...
    AK has always found referrals the most effective marketing, but we've never paid a referral fee which we are now considering. We'd love to hear if you've done this!
    We've recently tried doing targeted direct mail postcards and calling the recipients afterward. We have not found this type of cold calling to be effective. Maybe you have a tactic that works for your business?

  2. We have a 33-year history of client building and though we have integrated a social media presence (web, pdf project profiles,Constant Contact, LinkedIN, Twitter, and Facebook), our best lead generation source is building surveys through commercial brokers.

  3. There truly is no silver bullet - what works here, might flop there & vice versa. With that said, just a few general thoughts on items above

    Cold Calls - hate them personally & I have a feeling most of my customers feel the same

    Direct Mail - industry standards are in the low % to getting calls, however if they receive one every other week the numbers do go up

    Speaking of industry norms - generally they need to hear or see your name approx 10 times before they might call

    Referral programs - our customers don't hesitate to recommend us & a few might take offense at being offered an incentive

    Print Ad's - your best location will be where your customers are (please see above about industry norms)

    Online Ad's - good to get you shown on search results, until you get your SEO in order & are listed organically

    Free Talks & lectures - seriously considering it

    All told it has been a weird year, I think things should be getting back to normal early next year (Normal, not bubble year normal)

    Just my .02

  4. Great question. I'll shoot you an email for my LONG answer.

  5. Thank you, ALL!
    Sean, what you listed has "jived" with most all of our experiences as well. We recently read an article about referral programs being very effective, but have had the same hesitations about seeming to 'pay' for referrals and them not being as organic.
    Riggins, what are the building surveys? I am unfamiliar with them.
    Grace, hope you're recovering. We really appreciate the input!


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