7 Winterization Tips to Keep Your Money from Going Out the Window

   With winter just around the corner, now is the perfect time to make sure that you are well prepared for the colder months, especially if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow and below zero temperatures. Last year’s winter clothes are checked and extra hats and mittens are purchased. But what about your house? Is it prepared for the winter? There a few things that you, as a home owner, can to do make sure that your house is winterize and will be well heated during the winter months.

Extra Insulation
By dishing out a few dollars and adding some extra insulation in your attic you can keep your house well heated and save on money in the long run. Heat rises and if your attic isn’t well insulated, the heat will rise right out! Even a house that has the proper amount of insulation in the attic can still lose heat and money. This is definitely one area where more is better. (See AK's Home Maintenance For This And Similar Services)

Weather Strip Your Door
You would be amazed at the amount of heat that can escape through the bottom of your doors. Even if you have good storm doors on your house, there may be air leaking out the seams where your door meets your house. Put weather stripping on your doors and you will make them airtight, stopping any drafts. If you have a door between your house and your garage, weather strip that, also. Since your garage is most likely not heated this could be an overlooked source of heat loss. (See AK's Home Maintenance For This And Similar Services)

Clean Your Gutters
What do clean gutters have to do with winterizing your home? Quite a bit, actually! If your gutters are cluttered with dead leaves and debris, then rain and snow has nowhere to go. You could end up with a buildup of ice. This ice buildup could extend under your roof shingles, causing unwanted and expensive leaks in your home when it melts. 

Get Your Heat Sources Checked
Whether you have a furnace, woodstove, pellet stove or something else that heats your home, it’s always a good idea to get them checked out or inspected yearly. If they aren’t working to their capacity, you could find yourself losing money and heat during the winter. (See AK's Home Maintenance For This And Similar Services)

Plastic on Your Windows
If you’re windows are drafty, you can buy winter window kits. These plastic window kits go on easily and can stop the cold air from getting in and the hot air from getting out. Basically a plastic shrink wrap for your windows, they don’t cost a lot and can make quite the difference if your windows are in good shape. 

Storm Windows
If you have storm replacement windows for the winter, use them! Storm windows can drastically cut down on the amount of heat escaping from your home. They can also stop snow and sleet from getting into the inside window frames, damaging the windows.

Even with storm windows and plastic winter covers, your windows may be a source of heat loss in your home. If this is the case, then you will want to look into replacement windows. Replacing your windows with better, thicker, stronger ones can drastically cut down on your heating bill, especially if the windows you are replacing are in the second story of your home. You may think that it’s too expensive to replace your windows, but in the end you’ll definitely save more then you spend. 

Winter can be a cold, cold time. Make sure that your home is prepared for the frigid temperature. Not only will you and your family stay snuggly warm, but you’ll cut back on your heating cost. And who knows? With the extra money you could plan a trip somewhere warm.


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