What Are The Best Kitchen Gadgets & Appliances?

   As a professional remodeler in the busy city of Atlanta, we get this question A LOT from our clients: Beyond the hype, what are the absolute best kitchen appliances & gadgets? Here  is our personal list of our most popular and most useful kitchen appliances & gadgets:

  • Warming drawer: Keeps food warm for families coming home and eating on all different schedules. Did you know this appliance can help keep families eating healthy, home-cooked meals and away from drive-through dinners? You can cook almost any time and every family member can eat on their own schedule. Not only can this appliance promote healthy eating but it's also a way to save money by not eating out on busy nights!

  • Beverage center: A handy place to store healthy snacks and drinks for children - at their level - or simply  to keep frequently used refrigerated items at convenient locations. This center is not just for the kitchen, it can be installed almost anywhere in the home! Imagine a coffee station in your master suite or a place to keep baby bottles near the baby's room.

  • Pot filler: Handy for those with arthritis or other physical limitations that make carrying a heavy water filled pot an impossibility. A pot filler can also reduce the amount of time water is running in a sink, as users of a pot filler turn it on and off immediately – you can’t let it run! This saves on water bills and is just terribly convenient – and stylish!

  • Induction cooktop: An induction cooker uses a type of induction heating for cooking. It is chiefly distinguished from other common forms of stovetop cooking by the fact that the heat is generated directly in the cooking vessel, as opposed to being generated in the stovetop. An induction cooktop provides energy savings and increased safety for seniors and small children!

  • Self closing and opening doors and drawers: Imagine having dirty or germy hands, and still being able to get your spatula without touching your drawer pulls! That's a reality when you remodel with self-closing and opening doors and drawers. There are motorized options as well as self-opening hinges with release devices. The soft close drawers are also a sanity-saver for mom's who's kids (or husbands) may tend to slam drawers!


  1. I dont think that beverage container can be that handy. you can even put that into fridge at a low level and kids can take it from there. anyways that what i think some poeople might think it's handy.

  2. Nice article. For my family Warming drawer and the induction cooktop will be very helpful. I have one induction cooktop in my kitchen but I was not aware with the warming drawer ! I discover it from your blog and now I am desperate to buy one. Thanks for sharing it.


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