How To Choose An Atlanta Remodeling Company - Standing Out In A Crowd

  Can you guess what this is? Atlanta with the chicken pox? Georgia's capital city with a major break-out? Or the first search results on Google Maps for "Atlanta Remodeler"? If you guessed Atlanta remodelers, then, BINGO! And these are only the remodeling companies listed with Google Maps - the real number could be double the number red dots on this map!
   This really took us aback. And we're one of the dots! It made us wonder, if we were a homeowner looking for a trustworthy remodeler in Atlanta, how could we tell one red speck from another? How can you choose the right Atlanta remodeling company for you?

  • Does the company offer design services? AK is a design/build firm; we not only design your project, assist you with the selections but build and supervise the renovation from start to finish!
  • Does the company have project managers that will be there throughout the entire project? We value your business and do not hand-off our clients at some random point in the process. An AK professional will be with you during each and every step. The responsibility for our client's complete satisfaction starts and stops with us alone.
  • Do they take the time to listen? In order to be consistently recommended and referred means that AK takes a lot of time to ask questions of you - the client -  to listen and understand your vision for your new space. AK asks clients to fill out kitchen and bathroom questionnaires with detailed questions about how they live and use their space.  If you talk with any remodelers or contractors that don't ask you these specific questions, how do they know what's really important to you and your family?
  • Where do most of their clients come from? Does the company pay for a lot of big expensive ads, or does their name spread from one happy homeowner to another? The majority of AK's clients
    result from referrals.
    Finally, maybe one of the biggest misconceptions about finding the best Atlanta contractor: Selecting the one with the lowest bid. Arlene Miles of the Daily Herald writes, "Many people think it's safe to go with the lowest bid for a remodeling project because contractors are hungry for the work and this guarantees a good job.
  Wrong. That couldn't be further from the truth, many in the remodeling industry say. In fact, because of our economic climate, homeowners ought to be doubly wary of choosing the lowest bidder, especially if there is a wide difference in price for what you think will be the same work, building contractors said." AK doesn't try to give you the lowest price, we give you the right price. We promise only what we can deliver and always deliver on our promises. See more about how AK gives remodeling estimates on our website, here!
   A final thing to remember when trying to decide or distinguish between multiple remodelers or contractors is to compare apples to apples. What one company includes in the price of "design" or "demolition" or even "installation" will not be the same as another. Go through every line item in each proposal and ask questions; don't assume anything will be included that is not specified. And don't forget, you can always contact an AK professional if you find yourself unable to tell apples from oranges!


  1. That is absolutely true about the lowest price. You know, it costs what it costs and it is far better to find the company yo want to work with.


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