A Halloween House

 It's the one time of year we actually ADD spider webs to our decor and let cut gourds sit unrefrigerated while we munch on chocolate and sugary treats. Nothing is more fun than breaking our conventions and letting our homes look frightful for a few days around Halloween. How about a little decoration inspiration?

A Beautiful Child-Friendly Halloween Wreath
 Use Grapevines, spray painted if you want to, along with plastic spiders. Take your glue gun and get creative! Let the kids pick out what else to include on the wreath and where to put it - it's OK if it's crazy!

From Good Housekeeping
   Before you assemble these pumpkin pillars, be sure to choose pumpkins that are the right size for your urns (the largest should fit right on top of the urn and the others should fit on top of each other. as shown in the photo).
-Cut off the tops of the pumpkins (discarding all but the smallest pumpkin top). Clean out seeds and pulp from inside the pumpkins and stack them as shown.
-After the pumpkins are hollow and stacked, use a black washable marker to test designs for your tree. Once you are ready for a permanent picture, go over your design with black enamel craft paint that will not run off in wet weather. When the paint is dry, carefully wipe away any washable marker line using a damp towel.
-To emulate stars, drill 1/4-inch holes into the pumpkins. For the three-tiered look, draw and carve out a crescent moon on the smallest pumpkin.
-Last, place candles inside the pumpkins to bring the spooky scene to life.


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