Atlanta Home Improvement

  According to, if you "ask any Atlantan to name a word to describe the (city) the word dynamic often comes to mind. It describes the rapid changes the city has seen and will see in Atlanta demographics over the next 10 years. In the previous years, the metro area has added more than 142,000 people annually, more than any other in the United States.

  Atlanta has no natural boundaries, so the metropolitan area is large, encompassing over 8,480.27 square miles." With such a large, spread out and diverse population you can imagine the diversity in the homes! So what is the Atlanta home improvement market like? After a brief rebound in 2009, the last half of 2010 is finally seeing an increase in Atlantans feeling confident once again investing in their homes. Here are the top projects and investments home owners in Atlanta are making:

  • Bathrooms: Whether adding more space or just redoing an outdated room, bathrooms are important to Atlanta residents. It is usually the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see before bed, so it makes sense why people looking for harmony, relaxation, style and function at home would think first of their bathroom. A bathroom midrange addition can cost roughly $40,000 in comparison to a premium addition costing roughly as $75,000. An economical bathroom face-lift averages $25,000 whereas an upscale remodel costs $53,000, depending on the size of the bath or the addition.
  • Basements: Not all Atlanta homes have basements, especially newer homes, and those that do nearly always have walk-out basements. Atlanta basement dwellers have been turning their empty spaces into a myriad of useful rooms: home theaters, wine cellars, play rooms, game rooms, in-law suites, craft room, home office etc. The only limitation on what you can do with your basement space is your remodelers imagination! A mid-range basement remodel costs around $65,000. Working from home? A home office remodel costs approximately $29,000. Remodeling a single room in a basement would similarly fall into this range.
  • Roofing: Blame it on the unusual amount of bad weather Atlanta saw last year, but Atlanta has seen it's share of roofing remodeling, building and repair. Also in this category are window replacements.  Reportedly, a midrange roofing replacement charges $19,000 and closer to $37,00 for an upscale job. A midrange, full home, vinyl window replacement costs between $10,000 and $14,000 while a wood made window replacement alternates between $12,000 to $19,000.


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