It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

  "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...Ev'rywhere you go..." 
No? Not feeling the Holiday spirit creeping up on you? 
Maybe it's just us remodelers!

   The end of summer and the beginning of fall are the times when we start looking at projects to be completed for the Holidays. We make it a habit of asking new clients when they want the project completed. NOT when they want the project to begin. We need to know what plans they have that will effect the remodel - or vice versa. Maybe it's an upcoming wedding, out-of-town guests, a new baby, an older relative moving in. If we know when the project needs to be done we can tell our clients when they need to start!
    After all, we have to allow time for design and selections, not just the construction process. There's a lot to think about! And after 15 years in the industry we have a pretty good idea of appropriate time management; but even we get surprised once in a while! Who would have thought that we would find where a previous contractor had dumped trash behind a wall in a client's home - and then sealed it up - but we did. Surprises are lurking everywhere, so we always count on a few. That's how we're able to deliver in time for Christmas - just like Santa!
   If you're thinking of any type of home improvement project that you'd like completed in time for the holidays - start now! Remember that a complete kitchen renovation can take two months for construction and you certainly don't want to feel rushed or pressured to make your selections in time to "beat the clock." It's a popular time of year to start projects as well, so planning ahead will reserve you time on your remodelers' schedule so you can be sure all of the resources will be properly allocated for your project!
   You're not the only household that would love to bake Holiday cookies in a new convection oven , or have the basement turned in to a guest room so Uncle Don's snoring doesn't keep everyone up again this year!


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