Breaking Down Stereotypes

 To quote Andrew Markel of Tire Review, nothing compares to the stereotypical image of the used car salesman. "Compared to the stereotype of the grease monkey car mechanic, nothing compares to the image of the used car salesman. The stereotypical used car salesman is a slime ball with a fake tan, a fast-talker who is constantly saying 'What is it going to take to get you in this car' and 'How much can you afford a month?'"

  Would you think you had entered the Twilight Zone if we told you that as, now, we may actually use that phrase as a compliment?

  Coming home from a client's home recently, AK's president met a young lady. Unfortunately it came with crashing results! Ed's car was struck on the side as he drove through an intersection on Holcomb Bridge Road, in Roswell. (for you locals) After the poor vehicle was pronounced "totalled" Ed had a momentary panic. AK's business depends on him to be on the go, almost constantly! He had projects that had to be checked on, consultations scheduled and even a single day of delay was unacceptable. What to do...

   He needed a new car - yesterday. But to go to a car lot, and deal with those dreaded (gasp) sales people?

   We pondered something that we had pondered before: Is this how OUR clients feel? Are they at home hating their kitchens? Feeling trapped by that 'honey-do' project that just never got finished? And are they just dreading calling a contractor for help? Because, as we all know, the stereotypical contractor (the burly guy in a holey t-shirt or overalls and a tool belt, driving the pickup truck with mysterious wood supports coming out of the bed) is just going to try to spend as much of their money as possible and the job will take much longer than promised.

   Thankfully for everyone, Ed's need for the car overpowered his worries about the buying process. Ed wound up at All Out Auto, in Marietta. He worked with Doug and John who were completely responsible for his pleasant buying experience! From the start, they were friendly. (We're friendly) There was no pressure. (We don't pressure) Doug talked to Ed about his accident, his old car, what he was looking for...he really got to know his customer. (We love getting to know our customers!) Once Doug knew a lot about Ed, his business, his needs, his wish list and more he assured Ed that he could help him find something that met all of his needs, and hopefully some items on his wish list as well. (Yes! Yes! Yes! We do that too!)

   Doug and John's assurance to help Ed find what he really wanted in a car, or they would not sell him one, created a client for life - not just for the day. These are exactly the principles that AK espouses with each new client we meet. (Maybe this melding of ethical business practices is why Doug, John and Ed got along so well?!) When a client first comes to AK, we take great care to ensure that our company is a good fit to suit their remodeling needs. If we don't think we are the best company for the job, we won't start the project! Our ultimate goal is for our clients to be so satisfied with our work that they recommend us without reservation. We will not do anything to jeopardize this goal!

   In order to be consistently recommended and referred means that AK takes a lot of time to ask questions of the client - to listen and understand their vision for the new space. Once a project scope has been agreed upon, we pride ourselves on our ability to move forward in a timely manner, and complete all projects in the agreed upon timeframe with the agreed upon scope. We know no matter how much people like us and our work, they want us out of their home ASAP! Because AK uses only the finest products and materials we can guarantee impeccable quality on all aspects of all jobs.

   Just like John and Doug turned out not to be greasy haired, fake tanned guys in gold chains, AK is not the stereotypical remodeling company either. We like to think we're a little above the cut - just like our new pals!


  1. Great analogy; awesome story. Thanks for this post.

  2. @rigginsconst: Thanks for taking the time to read & share!


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