10 Ways To Beat Summer Burnout

Tips Author: Doyle Slayton

  We're not sure about the rest of the country, but here in Atlanta it has been hot, Hot, HOT! It's really hard to be motivated to do much of anything when just stepping out the front door starts the beads of sweat rolling. If you've been feeling tired, or like you've lost your passion for work or life - try these 10 tips to burn down the summer burnout!

  1. Take a Vacation – Why do we always feel guilty about taking a vacation? Most of us have gone years without taking a full week of vacation. That’s part of the reason for burnout.
  2. Get Some Sleep – Lack of sleep turns into fatigue, sluggishness, and headaches. Why put yourself through that? Get at least seven hours of sleep every night this week and see how it affects you mentally and emotionally.
  3. Eat Healthy - It’s easy to get frustrated and irritable because of the way we look and feel. My dad is a former college football coach. I used to love being in the locker room before the game. One of his running backs used to primp in front of the mirror before hitting the field. I remember him saying, “You look good, you feel good, you play good…” It’s funny… but it’s true.
  4. Exercise – This one closely resembles to the last tip. You look good, you feel good, you...
  5. Try Something New - Have you ever had something you’ve always wanted to do, but never got the chance? Go do it!
  6. Strengthen Relationships – There are people who love you. Go spend time with them. Don’t think about anything but strengthening your relationship with them. Enjoy the time. Embrace the process.
  7. Take Some “Me” Time – We all need people, but we also need some time for ourselves. My wife is one of those who feels guilty for needing some “me” time. If you are like her and you give… and give… and give… it’s important to allow yourself to give a little time… to yourself.
  8. Simplify – How complicated is your life and your work. Is it self-imposed? Look at everything that you are doing and get rid of the things that don’t add value.
  9. Have Fun – We’ve heard motivational speakers discourage us from wasting our time watching TV, playing video games, and other mindless activities. Maybe it’s OK to be mindless when we are “resting.” If you enjoy doing those things… then go ahead… RELAX… have some fun!
  10. Get Some Wins – Do all of these things to keep yourself mentally and physically refreshed… you know you are unstoppable when you are sharp… and winning is the best way to burn down burnout!


  1. I just try to get some peace and quiet while is sit in front of the air conditioners because I can't afford to get away from it all. I'd love it if i could though.


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