A "Builder Kitchen" Redefined

Attention home builders - Did you know Atlanta builders have counted on AK for over 14 years to provide cabinets, cabinetry design, kitchen designs, custom built-ins, product & material selection services and above all...QUALITY?

Have you ever noticed that no matter how you plan for a party, everyone usually ends up in the kitchen? While in the kitchen, wouldn’t it be an achievement if the discussion centered around the builder’s ability to create such a wonderful space? Would that type of discussion drive more customers to your door?

Let AK help make you the topic of discussion with your next project.
Every one of these pictures is a real AK Builder Kitchen

Distinctive kitchens and baths are proven to sell homes better and create greater value/margin opportunities for builders. Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate says "The kitchen is the most important room to stage in your home. By showcasing your kitchen in the best possible light, you can potentially sell your home faster and increase the closing price. Even in a slow real estate market, making your kitchen attractive to a buyer could make the difference."

Builders, do you want this important aspect of your business left in the hands of the same company that sells you 2x4s?

How many times have you been delayed by the challenges in the selection process: incorrect decisions, color changes, or lack of complete design focus from your customer? At AK, we work with your customer to make all kitchen selections, coordinate colors, determine layout and confirm placement of appliances, all the while taking into consideration each and every customer and builder concern.



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