The Top 10 Remodeling Projects To Do Prior To Resale

   Selling your home in a tough market is daunting enough. Whether you just like a challenge or have to make the move for a job, there are many things to consider before placing that "For Sale" sign in your front yard. We can't help you with all of it, but we can help you make some important decisions about the home improvement projects you should complete prior to p utting your home up for sale. These projects are the ones that history has shown to give homeowners the biggest return on their investment!

   Top on the list is replacing fiber cement siding and Atlanta is one of the 14 cities nationwide where homeowners can reasonably expect to recoup 100% or more of the job costs! Learn more about siding on AK's website here - and click below to read the other 9 projects that prove to be resale record-breakers!!


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