Stone Impressions: What In The World Is A Listello?

 We're following a new company on Twitter called Stone Impressions. We just happened to check out their blog and were really impressed! As a company who has specialized in kitchens & bathrooms for nearly 15 years, we've seen our share of tile work. It's always a fun and challenging part of the job for us, so we just love this resource all about tile. We especially liked this blog and wanted to share it with our follower, clients and prospects alike.


  1. Thanks AK! We really liked your website as well. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL stone installations in both bath and kitchens.

  2. Thanks Kathy! Let us know if you'd be interested in exchanging some articles to post as guest bloggers on each other's sites! We find it mutually beneficial for SEO - and we love to keep in touch with our peers all over the country!


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