Popular Bathroom Remodeling Trends

  We came accross this article on Fixr.com and would like to share it with you. It's succinct and a fairly good summary of the trends we're seeing in bathroom remodeling!

Today’s bathrooms are all about luxury and nature-inspired elements.

Baths You Can Soak In: the 1990s ushered in plenty of loud Jacuzzi bathtubs, but today’s homeowner is looking for something to soak in. Large soaking tubs have replaced whirlpool tubs, and these tubs come double-insulated, so that your hot water stays cold for hours.
Lots of Light: while bathrooms used to be dark places, this isn’t the case in today’s contemporary bathroom. Adding a skylight not only opens up a space, but it also brings a sense of calm to any bathroom. Homeowners are looking to skylights to add natural and ethereal lighting to bathrooms.
Beautiful Fixtures: contemporary consumers aren’t satisfied with standard fixtures, which is why most newly remodeled bathrooms feature beautiful and modern fixtures that truly stand out. Faucets that resemble waterfalls and multi-shower heads are just some of the things that consumers are looking for in the way of bathroom fixtures these days.
Natural Materials: many different companies are now making vanities that are comprised entirely from natural materials such as wood, stone, and even bamboo. As consumers attempt to bring Mother Nature into the home, these vanities are quickly becoming popular.
Warm Floors: homeowners who live in colder climates are finding comfort in heated bathroom tiles. Stepping out of a bath onto warm tiles is the ultimate in luxury, and it’s also the latest bathroom tile trend.
Space Savers: vanities and bathroom storage compartments are quickly becoming popular due to a general lack of space inside city homes. Contemporary vanities come with numerous pull-out drawers, deep cabinets, and extra racks for towels.


  1. These are really very true trends. So nice of you..

  2. It is very much true that Today’s bathrooms are all about luxury and nature-inspired elements. And the trends you told here are the basic requirement now a days. Nice idea to make the bathroom comfortable in all condition.
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  3. Thanks for reading & responding! Bathrooms seem to be a top project for those thinking about remodeling these days.


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