K+BB - Consumers Want More Than Just "Pretty" In The Bath

K+BB asked, what do homeowners want in the bath? TOTO USA asked the same question.
AK chimed in too.
The company decided to find out what role new innovations for the bathroom have in consumers lives by conducting studies on the topic.

 TOTO learned that one of the most prevalent trends with consumers today is a strong desire for innovative products, but only if they have real-world benefits, like saving water and money, reliability that leads to peace of mind for the homeowner, or better performance. As part of the recent recession, consumer confidence surveys have pointed to an unwillingness on the part of consumers to spend money on items of questionable quality or to buy something just because it is cheaper. TOTO’s study confirmed that quality and reliability are primary drivers in consumer purchasing choices.

  The studies found that 79 percent of consumers do research to know which products are the best, while 71 percent of respondents like to deal with companies who do the right thing. Additionally, 76 percent of those participating in the studies will typically buy the best products that they can afford, and 76 percent are willing to pay more today for the best quality products, because they know it will save money in the long run.

   AK has made it a permanent business practice to only use only top quality products and materials that will be reliable for the life of the product. We do this for a number of reasons. First, we like working with quality products, they yield a nicer aesthetic as well as better function - both of which lead to happier clients. We also only use products and materials we know we can trust because we warranty our work! And best of all, top quality products don't always mean a high price point - but they are rarely the cheapest on the market. We caution against anyone who selects products, materials or even a contractor strictly based on price. As this limited study found, there are a number of factors that lead to ultimate satisfaction with a product - and a project!


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