It's All About The Outdoors

  These days, AK is finding ourselves doing more exterior work then ever before! Could it have started with our guest blog for the CedarStore early this spring about designing a deck? Could it be the rain we've gotten around Atlanta in the last year has finally made our yards verdent and lush - and once again people want to be outside? Or possibly, it's as the Joint Housing Studies commission at Harvard University says: This will be the first year since 2006 that the housing industry will see an increase in spending.
   Many homeowners still find themselves "underwater" so to speak in their mortgages and unable to sell their current home or to upgrade on the schedule they had once planned. AK wrote about this remodeling trend in July of 2009 "Are You Under House Arrest?" Now that many people find themselves more or less stuck in their current homes they have decided to improve, upgrade and even add-on to their dwellings instead of moving! Now how this translates to all our outdoor and exterior work lately, we can only imagine Spring Fever is playing a small part!
    Whatever the reason - all of the AK team enjoys the outdoor work in the most beautiful of seasons! We encourage homeowners we meet with to consider this kind of exterior maintenance as an effort to keep their most valuable of assets in tip to shape. AK offers much in terms of home maintenance and generally makes complimentary recommendations to new and existing clients on the most critical things to tackle first!
   So let's hear it for the outdoors! Be it decks, windows, siding, outdoor kitchens or sunrooms....we're ready for you!


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