Spring Maintenance Checklist

  Whether your “Honey-Do” list is getting out of control or you have some projects around the house that are just too much to handle on your own…AK's Atlanta HandyMan Services are the answer. We’re here to make your life a little easier. With the busy schedule everyone keeps today, finding time to do the small home repair and maintenance items can be a daunting task. We’ll help you check those items off your to-do list in a convenient and easy fashion!

  Spring is a great time to prepare your home for the warmer weather and fix those little issues that popped up over the winter! Properly maintaining your home has many benefits besides just the aesthetic appeal:
  • Reducing energy consumption and utility bills
  • Maximizing the life of your home’s components, equipment, and systems
  • Eliminating preventable failures and more costly repairs
  • Lowering overall repair costs
   Here is a quick Spring Maintenance Checklist, as recommended by many major home insurers, of items that you should check and maintain in and around your home before summer arrives:
  • Inspect your smoke detectors. Make sure that there is one on each floor of your home. Test them and change the battery every three months or as needed.
  • Check the light bulbs in all your fixtures to be sure that they are the correct wattage as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Replace all high-intensity bulbs (such as halogen) with fluorescent bulbs that don't produce as much heat.
  • Check your electrical outlets for potential fire hazards such as frayed wires or loose fitting plugs. Be sure not to overload electrical outlets, fuse boxes, extension cords or any other power service.
  • Keep a multi-purpose fire extinguisher accessible that is filled and ready for operation.
  • Have your air conditioning system inspected by a professional as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Check for damage to your roof, and clean gutters and downspouts to keep debris from accumulating.
  • Check your water heater for leaks and corrosion.
  • Clean and/or replace your furnace filter.
  • Clean the clothes dryer exhaust duct and space under the dryer. Remove all lint, dust, and pieces of material or cloth.
  • In your yard, remove all dead trees and keep healthy trees and bushes trimmed and away from utility wires.
  • Safely store oil and gas for lawn equipment and tools in a vented, locked area.
  • Repair driveway and walkways that are cracked, broken or uneven to provide a level walking surface.
  • Call AK!


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