Outdoor Living Takes a Giant Step Forward

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Although we’ve always had a national passion for outdoor living, these days, we are spending more time than ever, socializing, and even taking our vacations, in the comfort and safety of our own backyards.

Because of this, we’ve also developed a great talent for making the most of our outdoor living spaces. In fact, more often than not, they’re actually becoming extensions of our homes, as we’re commonly turning our backyards, porches, decks, and patios into veritable outdoor living rooms. As these areas are now so essential to our lifestyles, we want to decorate them as luxuriously as our indoor rooms; and, with the endless varieties of modern outdoor furniture, we can.

Today, even classic wood outdoor furniture is more dazzling and durable than ever, and is designed to fit any décor, from the very rustic, to the decidedly elegant. The newer aluminum furniture is striking, and unexpectedly chic, as is polywood outdoor furniture; and both kinds are nearly indestructible, and available in a rainbow of colors. You can also find synthetic wicker furniture that looks just like the real thing, but lasts indefinitely; and it comes in a number of earth tones, and features thick, soft cushions in dozens of colors and patterns.

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By selecting colors, styles, and textures that reflect your home’s interior, you can create an easy transition from indoors to the outside, while conjuring the perception of a larger space. For example, you can get patio furniture to match the color of your walls, or simply add some accessories, such as outdoor throw pillows, furniture cushions, or patio umbrellas, in complementing shades.

Having flowers of the same hue in your garden bed, and in planters near the door, will also contribute to the effect; and putting some in a vase on an indoor table will really give it a unified look. If you have a lot of wood furniture, or paneling, indoors, you can find corresponding wood porch furniture, picnic tables, accent tables, or outdoor dining sets, to further enhance the continuity.

Garden structures, such as trellises, arbors, and pergolas, can be used to define separate areas, and will give your outdoor rooms beautiful, colorful walls and ceilings that provide privacy and shade, while allowing air to circulate.

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Gazebos, sheds, pool houses, and sunrooms, have also become important parts of the outdoor living equation, and can be as simple, or as elaborate, as you want them to be. Available with options that include insulation, hidden wiring, skylights, screens, windows, ceiling fans, window boxes, different kinds of flooring, and several types and colors of siding and roofing, they can be used for anything from storage, to basic shelter, to cottages, home offices, and guest houses. You can even choose siding, trim, and shingles, in colors to mirror the look of your home.

Another great way to extend your living area is to integrate a gazebo with your deck. This will give you a spectacular outdoor room for dining, entertaining, or just relaxing. It’s close enough to the house for convenience, but far enough removed to afford some privacy. Many people are even installing hot tubs in their gazebos, to create their own backyard spas.

Indeed, the spark of ingenuity is getting hotter all of the time, as it seems that, every day, outdoor living is taking another giant step forward.

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