The Kosher Kitchen

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Kashering For Pesach

Should countertops be kashered or covered?
May one kasher the sink with boiling water heated
in a year-round kettle?
Is it necessary to cover refrigerator shelves?
Must one cover oven knobs?
Must one cover an oven hood?

Many women are overwhelmed by the task of preparing their home and particularly their kitchen for Pesach. They approach Pesach with anxiety and even panic. Some women believe that the house must be rid of even the smallest speck of chametz. Anything that may have come into contact with chametz, even by remotest chance, must be scrubbed and kashered. This admirable and wholesome instinct to prepare for Pesach in the most comprehensive manner possible is inherited from our grandmothers. However, the shoe must fit the foot. Truth be said, much of this cleaning is a chumrah (praiseworthy, no less) that is not absolutely required by halachah. Read on for a step-by-step guide for preparing your kitchen for Pesach...


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