Another Year Older, Closer To Grab Bars

   As the Aging-In-Place Technology Watch reminds us, 2010 is the last year that 100% of baby boomers can declare themselves not to be seniors. Which means that this market segment, and others, are (or need to be) planning changes to life and home around the "decision-points along the continuum of care." These include a release from a hospital, move to a new location, change in life or income status and the onset of a physical condition.
   Whatever decision-point you're approaching, keeping safety and accessibility in mind is always AK's policy. Bathrooms that pose hazards from slipping and falling because of wet floors and accessibility issues can be remodeled to a safer standard. Kitchens can be remodeled with ease of use, sanitation and improved lighting in mind. Ranges with stove controls at the back may be dangerous for an older person with limited mobility who must reach over a hot cooktop to turn off a burner. Your safety is AK's first concern when analyzing home modifications for aging-in-place. As a CAPS remodeler, we are fully qualified to handle home modifications on a need basis, from ramps for wheelchairs and motorized scooters to multiple features for making everyday activities easier.
    All these modifications fall under a universal term known as "Universal Design" - universal design is a relatively new paradigm that emerged from "barrier-free" or "accessible design." It is a design focus that describes designing and building a home to accommodate its owner's physical needs for today and into the future. However, universal design and new home construction are not mutually exclusive terms. Some of the industry's strongest universal design advocates say they have been inspired either through their own personal experience coping with life-altering disabilities or by clients with special needs; and many of these clients had a strong desire to stay in their current family home!
   If you're interested in more universal design tips for your home or remodeling project, find a quick upload of them on AK's site: Universal Design Tips


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