Designers Predict Kitchen and Bath Trends for 2010

Source: CUSTOM HOME Magazine
By: Stephanie Miller

According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association's (NKBA) 2010 Kitchen & Bath Design Trends Survey, designers expect several trends that have been developing over recent years to continue through 2010 even as some style preferences shift. The survey identified seven kitchen trends and four bath trends.

2010 Kitchen Trends:

1. Style—Traditional will remain the most popular kitchen design style, but contemporary will be a close second. Interest in Shaker styles is on the upswing, as well. Color preferences will center on-shades of white and off-white, but brown, beige, and bone will also be popular. WHAT DO YOU THINK? WHAT'S YOUR STYLE?

2. Cabinetry—The most popular woods for kitchen cabinetry will still be cherry and maple, but use of alder is increasing as well. Light natural and distressed cabinetry finishes are falling out of favor, while medium and dark natural wood tones are becoming more popular, as are glazed and white-painted finishes. Other colors of painted cabinetry are declining. DO YOU THINK PAINTED CABINETRY IS ON IT'S WAY OUT?

3. Surfaces—While ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone tile will remain popular choices for kitchen floors, hardwood will take over as the preferred flooring material. Quartz countertops will match granite in popularity in 2010. Ceramic, porcelain, and glass tile will continue to be the preferred materials for backsplashes.

4. Faucetry—Standard basic-model kitchen faucets will give way to more functional and convenient models, such as various styles of pull-out and pot fillers. Brushed nickel will become the most popular finish, followed by stainless steel, and satin nickel. Polished chrome is experiencing a resurgence in popularity, as well.

5. Refrigeration—While side-by-side refrigerators remain popular, French-door and bottom-freezer models are the current market favorites. Undercounter refrigerator drawers are being used with greater frequency, as are undercounter wine refrigerators; the survey indicates that fully half of all designers who responded had recently specified undercounter wine refrigerators. DO YOU LIKE HAVING MULTIPLE REFRIGERATION UNITS?

6. Cooking—The cooking range continues to be the mainstay of functional kitchen design, but it's becoming more popular to combine a cooktop with a wall oven. Because of its energy efficiency, induction is making gains as a cooking technology. However, gas will maintain its position at the top. WE THINK THIS IS ON TARGET - INDUCTION & GAS RULE!

7. Cleaning—Dishwasher drawers will increase their market share in 2010 because of their convenience and their ability to wash smaller loads, saving water and energy. But standard dishwashers will still be the most common type installed. DO YOU THINK DISHWASHER DRAWERS WILL BE SELECTED OVER COMMON WASHERS DESPITE THE ADDITIONAL COSTS?

2010 Bath Trends:

1. Style—As with kitchens, bathroom styles will have strong traditional leanings in 2010, followed distantly by contemporary and Shaker styles. Bathroom color schemes will also be subdued, with beiges and bone hues being the most common, followed by whites, off-whites, and browns, in that order. DO YOU THINK BEIGES & WHITES WILL BE POPULAR IN KITCHENS & BATHS?

2. Surfaces—Favorite flooring choices for baths will continue to be ceramic and porcelain tile, as well as natural stone. Granite will remain the most popular vanity top selection, along with quartz and marble. WE AGREE, WE THINK THE HIGH MAINTENANCE SELECTIONS ARE NOT GOING TO BE AS POPULAR.

3. Fixtures—White bath fixtures—sinks, toilets, tubs—will be most common in 2010, followed by bisque and off-white. Undermount sink models will be most popular, followed by integrated sink tops, and drop-in sinks; vessel sinks and pedestal sinks will trail the pack.

4. Faucetry—Similar to kitchen faucet finish preferences, brushed nickel will continue to be the most popular choice for bath faucet finishes in 2010, followed by polished chrome, satin nickel, bronze, and stainless steel. DO YOU AGREE?


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