Are You Ready For The Comeback?

Slow economy.
Bad market.
Fewer leads.
Less clients.

Get ready for it ALL to change!

The economy's not completely back from the brink yet, but it's moving. Even at a snail's pace the movent is evident. It's the news you've been waiting for. But are you ready? Everyone's intial answer is "YES! Of Course!" But think beyond that, are you really ready? If you're like most companies you've had to cut staff, space, budgets and more. How will you handle an influx of customers running at your current capacity?

According to Remodeling Magazine, keeping a project competitively priced and on schedule is tougher with both trades and suppliers overstretched from the uptick in leads. With all the projects AK is looking at right now one thing we're seeing is the difficulty of our vendors to support our needs in a timely fashion. Everyone wants more business, and has been waiting for this moment, but many companies are finding themselves overwhelmed trying to complete work that pays the bills and quote new business.

Remodeling Magazine talked to contractors around the country who said that it’s tough to adjust production schedules because the delays from vendors are inconsistent. In addition,  many companies are finding their clients do not understand the delays because they think that if business is slow, manufacturers have staff ready to produce items.

"Lynne Gallant, vice president of sales and marketing for Spivey Construction, in Indianapolis, says that delays on window and cabinet deliveries have increased as existing supplies have dwindled. Entire orders are delayed, or she only receives partial orders. Since Spivey Construction collects payments from the home­owner based on key work completions, the delays are affecting the company’s cash flow. “For a large window installation,” she says, “we had to wait six weeks for the grids to get the last $8,000."

Gallant says that she has also noticed a drop in service due to layoffs at supply companies: “I used to get a good turnaround on quotes, but now it’s taking several days to get a quote back and several days for a question to be answered.” The aim in managing this “juggling act” she says, is “not to have our customers see any difference."'

So, blogosphere, how are we all to prepare for this upcoming influx of work? We would like to share & publicize your tips or best practices, as fellow remodelers or construction suppliers. In the end, probably much like you, AK is commited to their clients' complete satisfaction and whatever back-bends we have to do to keep our schedules and get our products are worth it in the end!!


  1. This is a great post! May I add that if you're not seeing the traffic increases, perhaps your potential clients think you've gone out of business (like so many of your competitors). Be sure you are marketing your showroom and business - even if it's via Facebook and Blogs like Ed and his team! Be sure your customers know where to [still] find you! – more at


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