10 Ways To Save Money On Home Improvement

  We came accross a widely "dugg" post on Digg.com this morning and found it interesting and worth sharing. It comes from "The Family Handyman" a website/magazine from Reader's Digest with tips and articles on everything from appliance repair, decks & patios to wallpaper and weekend projects. While a handyman's advice may not always be the same as that from a design/build remodeling firm we found that we agreed on a lot of what this one had to say!
   While we don't necessarily recommend everything that The Family Handyman endorses, like stockpiling carpet, plumbing & lighting fixtures in preparation for a remodel (remember, your time is money too!) We do like their advice for planning projects ahead of time, putting money into energy saving items, hiring a professional and engaging in phased remodeling.
So you don't always have to take our word for it, we present The Family Handyman's secrets to help you save when you're planning that big remodeling project.


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