Back to Basics

 Did you spend 2009, like many families, putting off some basic necessities? Maybe your house needed to be painted, pressure washed, your air ducts cleaned, windows replaced, siding fixed...but 2009 just wasn't the easiest year to keep up with the basics. (And just forget the Joneses!)
 The good news is we have a renewed sense of appreciating the basics, and hopefully a renewed ability to take care of them in 2010. "The basics" as we're referring to them can be mostly summed up with common home maintenance procedures and tasks. We all know the day we move into our house that the roof, the furnace, the siding, the windows, the carpet, etc., etc., are not going to last forever. We know that part of becoming a responsible homeowner - and protecting our investment - means we will need to devote money into maintaining our precious home throughout the years!
  Most industry professionals, be it real estate, home appraisal or construction, all agree that consistent home maintenance is one of the most important things you can do to protect the resale value of your home. So, we're a little curious, as you read this, what project are you thinking of? What's on your Honey-Do list? Whether it's a one-time project or ongoing maintenance, we can help. Did you know that AK founded a Home Maintenance division in 2009? (Considering the topic of this blog, maybe it wasn't the best year for it, huh?)
  Think about a little bit larger projects, too - replacing windows, repairing siding & trim - basic stuff you may have overlooked in 2009 and will be very happy to finally address in 2010!!! So, talk to us. Let us help! Let's play house together!


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