2010 Home Remodling Trends

What do YOU think the remodeling trends for 2010 will be?

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  1. Here's a great comment by John Whipple in North Vancouver. What do you think of his opinion of 2010 remodeling trends?

    "I believe the next trend in Bathroom Renovations are the European Wet Room or Curb less shower.

    I have complete 3 in the last 16 months and feel this is where the trend is moving. Travelling through Europe I was impressed with the hard working rooms with no shower stall and only a sink, toilet and shower head.

    In our North American homes we still like the separate room but the barrier free access opens up a renovated bathroom to serve a couple well into retirement and the ability to shower and not have to step over a shower curb to do so.

    I have been building low curb showers for seniors with bad hips and the simple change it makes in their daily routine is amazing. To live in your own home and not be able to shower our take a bath must be torture.

    I think more people - those thinking of retirement and those into contemporary design will be drawn to the advantages of the curbless shower. A traditional bathroom looks no different with the curb removed and this little step of removing it can make life less pain full and a bathroom's longevity a matter of design not function."



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