How To Be Thankful, Every Day.

  As we come upon the official launch of the holiday season, and the official day to give thanks for the blessings and bounty we have received...many of us find ourselves a little short on bounty and sometimes having a hard time counting our blessing. Whether we've lost a job or a loved one this year, scaled back our lifestyle or watched our investments scale back themselves, this time of inadvertent introspection doesn't only make us remember the positive aspects of our lives. While we try to be thankful for the good, it's hard not to begrudge a little of the bad.
  This is especially hard if we try to be thankful only once a year! Maybe what we all need is just a little more practice. How successful would your favorite football team be on Thanksgiving day if that was the only day they played? How can you really be truly thankful if you don't even put as much effort and practice into that endeavor as the football player puts into his sport? Maybe with just a little more effort, a little more practice, the real blessings and the real bounty of life will make itself much more apparent to us.
  So here are some humble recommendations on how we can all be a little more thankful. Not just on Thanksgiving, but every day.
  • Pay attention to the people around you. You will find that everybody has something to worry or complain about. When someone goes out of their way to say something positive or do something kind - pay attention to it! Thank them. Feel that warm & fuzzy feeling. Then pass it on.
  • Acceptance. It's easy to focus on those who seem to have it all, and to fall into thinking about what you don't have. Instead recognize something special that you DO have. Maybe it's a talent, a hobby, a friend or a happy secret...something that brings a smile to your face and is all yours! Accepting your "lot in life" is not about resigning yourself to unhappiness. It's about not wasting time wishing for what you don't have and uncovering the immense value of all that you DO have.
  • Become a problem solver. Use your lemons to make lemonade. Get in the habit of asking yourself how you can turn the negative into a positive. The most successful people in life, and those who have the most to be grateful for, are also those who've endured tremendous trials and managed to persevere and turn it all around.
  • Learn to see hardship as a chance to develop character. Imagine yourself looking back ten years from now and recounting your difficult circumstances, and being proud of how you handled it and worked through it.
  • Develop a gratitude journal. It's pretty simple. At the end of every day, write down five things that have made you happy or appreciative that day; not necessarily big things, even small ones count. For example: 1) nice weather, 2) being thanked by a customer at work, 3) my pet, 4) having people who love me, 5) or a funny joke to tell everyone.
It doesn't take a million dollars, a fancy car, or even a huge remodeled house to have something to be thankful for. If you relish the small blessings in life you will soon find yourself the richest person you know. AK thanks you all for allowing us to count you amongst everything we are thankful for this year.

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  1. Ed, So true on your Be Thankful thoughts. Keep it up!


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