What Is Your Renovation Requisite?

   By our own experience and what we hear from our peers, we know there are considerable people contemplating and starting home renovation projects. As compared to five, or even three years ago, the number of people undertaking these projects is smaller; but it's growing. Daily. Good news for those of us in the industry and comforting for those who would like to start projects of their own but who are a little weary of the marketplace.
  Whether you are a remodeler, or are considering remodeling, you may be interested in the breakdown (as we've see it) of who is starting projects now and how they are able to do so. The categories truly revolve around one question: What Is Your Renovation Requisite? (aka: what's most important to you about your renovation project?) The answer to this simple question can help any renovation company create a unique remodeling plan that will suit their client's most vital (cardinal, crucial, fundamental, integral, necessary & urgent) need!
    • If sticking to their budget is the most crucial factor in a client's renovation project, AK will offer free consulting services. Whether it is combing through our quote or a competitor's, our fourteen years of experience in the industry allow us to easily recognize what is a reasonable quote - and what is not. It also helps us look for alternate, lower priced options. These options could be finding less expensive plumbing fixtures, appliances, cabinetry that still meet the client's quality standards or finding options for reusing existing items! An excellent example of reuse would be this kitchen facelift by AK; nearly all of the cabinetry in the kitchen was existing but was moved around the room to completely change the space! (You can see this kitchens dramatic before and after as part of this slide-show movie; click here!)
    • If a client begins the renovation process with a specific budget in mind AK can always offer them options. We are always happy to help educate clients on everything they can do with their current budget, and how much everything on their "wish list" would cost. See more about this in AK's Name Your Own Price blog.
    • If you were considering taking on a home renovation for multiple rooms, or even a complete tear-out when there was really only one aspect of the room you didn't like - then narrowing the scope of your project may be helpful. Through our personal meetings with clients, AK's goal is to discover what is the client's main motivation for considering a home renovation. Should lack of time, budget, desire or concerns of resale value interfere with the client's original plans - AK helps by offering ways to scale back the scope of the project. This way, together with the clients, AK can create a custom remodeling plan that solves the problem that was the client's main motivation for the renovation while keeping the project within time and budget constraints.
    • We've talked about serial remodeling, or phased remodeling before. See that blog here! Serial remodels, or phased remodeling projects, can go over several months and even years. For example, clients might opt to start slow with a remodel to a powder room or closet and then tackle a larger project, such as the kitchen, master bath or home addition. For clients who can’t fund the entire project upfront, breaking elements of a major home remodel into stages can help extend costs over time. Embarking on a series of smaller projects also keeps clients less stressed; and it is always AK's top priority to keep our clients happy!
    • Yes, for many 2009 renovation clients everything has been business as usual. This still means AK takes time to listen and understand our client’s renovation requisite and their final vision for their new space. We move forward in a timely manner and use only the finest products and materials, and guarantee impeccable quality. To learn more about AK's business as usual, click here!
We've shared our views, or breakdown of how we've experienced remodeling clients in 2009 - and how to anticipate the trend to go in 2010. But we'd like to hear from you! 
Please leave your comments: If you're a remodeler, do you agree with these categories? Would you add any?
If you're a remodeling client, or are considering a project, please tell us what your renovation requisite is!

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  1. From what I can tell, you guys do a tremendous job of scaling what you offer to match clients needs -- get it out and keep it out. I think there is no better asset than taking both the time to and being able to respond to individual needs (as irrational as they sometimes seems on the surface). that said -- i think your list of categories is pretty complete, and not that I would expect anything like this from your organization -- but I would want to hear more (from others too) about -- addressing prospects that don't even give the question a thought out of fear of, and I know it is a g-rated site, getting "the short end of the stick". Anyway -- great post and a pleasure. jb @BMoxieBMore


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