Putting A Price On Happiness

We all know money cannot buy happiness. Goodness knows it is easy to be swayed sometimes though. With the thousands of media images we all receive each and every day - drive this car, wear this watch, buy these shoes, drink this beer - it's tempting to think that these products may at least enhance our happiness. If only for a moment.

Have you ever stopped to think about how your expected "happiness quotient" factors into your buying decision? Usually the things we anticipate using for a long time we are willing to pay a little more for. For example, we may be willing to pay the extra money for a quality cashmere sweater because we know it is a classic item that we can wear for years to come. But we'd never pay cashmere prices for a polyester sweater; the quality wouldn't last through multiple washings and it is a fabric that is in and out of style quickly.

AK considers the happiness quotient frequently when we're working with our clients. As anyone who has completed a remodeling project knows, there is much more value to remodeling you home besides just monetary! It's very hard for clients, and for us to help them, put into perspective the intangible values of accommodating a home to your unique needs.

There are some things that we regularly ask when we visit someones home for the first time to assess the scope of their project:
  • What are the problems with this space?
  • What have you done to try to fix these problems? (Time? Money?) 
  • What would fixing these problems mean to your family?
  • How long would you enjoy this remodeled space?
  • How much is solving the problem and the associated enjoyment/improved quality of life worth to you and your family?
The answers to these questions can help our clients, and us, determine how critically a "space intervention" is needed in the home. If the need is a casual one, and the client can't envision a much improved quality of life, then spending the money on a professional remodel may not be right for them.

So maybe we still can't put a price on happiness; but hopefully we can help you come to a tangible representation (investment amount) that is worth spending to boost the intangible benefits (quality of life.) AK can help you with this decision when it comes to your home, but when you're shopping for that sweater we're afraid you're on your own!

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