Name Your Own Price (Not Just For Insurance Anymore!)

  Have you seen this commercial? People shopping in this surreal bright white store staffed by an all-knowing insurance obsessed woman named Flo. In this particular commercial Flo is working with a man who is looking for insurance he can afford:

Man: So I tell you what I want to pay?
Flo: And we build a policy to fit your budget.
Man: I feel so empowered.
Flo: Power to the people!

  What this insurance company is promoting is the ability to name your own price. Sounds like a pretty unique option, right? Actually, not really. We might not have been advertising it on TV, but AK has had this option since it’s inception. What the real key to this ability is, is to realize how it works – both in the insurance and remodeling world.

  What naming your own price really means is that you tell AK what you want to spend, and like the insurance company, we build you a new space to fit your budget. Does that mean you can tell AK to build you a $25,000.00 kitchen and then receive marble floors, SubZero appliances and Cherry cabinets? Of course not. But it does mean that AK can tell you exactly what you can get for your price. It’s then up to you if you want to increase your budget to get those cherry cabinets you have your heart set on; or, if you want to stick with your lower investment amount and enjoy the kitchen facelift that it can buy you. 
The power is yours.


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