Maintaining Your Home’s Value

The continued “Bad News” coming through our TV’s, radios, newspapers, etc. inspired me to say a little something about home values. Yes, there is a lot of bad news out there – but there is also some good news too. While home values may be down, it’s not going to last forever. Homeowners who are making smart investments in their homes are going to ride out these tough times without a problem. So what are smart investments in your home?

One of the most agreed upon value-boosting activities is MAINTENANCE! Many insurance companies, like State Farm, recommend seasonal or quarterly home maintenance to their clients. State Farm says that these regular activities can “pay off in peace of mind, utility cost savings, durability and even resale value.” Home inspectors also recommend to all of their clients that they undertake regular preventative maintenance; which is vastly different from repairing an already broken item. Preventative maintenance can avoid repairs, extend the life expectancy of many components and in some cases, reduce energy consumption.

The home inspection society makes some recommendations on their site regarding home maintenance: “Hiring a handyman to perform maintenance inspections and minor repairs is not unwise. Ideally, preventative maintenance inspections should be performed semi-annually in the spring and fall. However, some components require more or less frequent inspections.” These facts, in combination with how critical home maintenance has become in our economy, I decided to found a new function for our company…

AK Home Maintenance Services

Our goal is to provide you with comfort and peace of mind knowing that your home is being well cared for by professionals solely. AK Home Maintenance Services will take care of your home so you don’t have to…we’re sure you have better things to do. Please check us out and let us help you protect your homes value until and after this economy turns around. We all may be in our current houses a little longer than we had originally planned; so we’re doing our best to make your current house as comfortable for your family as possible!



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