Are You Under House Arrest?

Ok, so maybe “house arrest” is a little dramatic, but it’s true most of us have been spending A LOT more time at home. We’re taking fewer vacations, eating out less, making fewer trips to the mall, taking in less movies, concerts and shows. So what’s left to do? Stay home! Renting movies, playing board games, backyard baseball and cards, cooking out, piecing together a puzzle, even reading a book – all our new economical forms of entertainment. All centered around one special place.

Our house, our casa, our abode, maison, heim, huis, 家….shall I go on? (Nevermind, I don’t think I can.) Well we’ve always known it’s where our heart is, but these days the rest of our body is making an appearance too. Did you ever notice what happens when you suddenly start to spend a lot of time at home? You start saying things like “How did that get there?” “How long has that been broken?” “I don’t remember this room feeling so small.” “Can’t I get some space for myself in here?” “Who are these kids and why are they calling me Dad?”

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and now that we’re all home so much our fondness can fade. So what to do? Selling, buying, moving….not practical or realistic. Redecorating? Remodeling? Now you’re on the right track! Residential Design & Build Magazine published a piece this month about early signs of economic recovery. They are basing these signs of economic revival on the 16% increase in spending by “affluents” on home luxuries. I’m not sure who they’re calling affluents, but I am fairly sure the so-called home luxuries have to do with what I was talking about – Redecorating. Remodeling.

The president of Unity Marketing, who conducted this study, said the following:

“Whether drawn to shop for home furnishings by retailer promotions and sales or the need to spruce up their living spaces after spending more time at home because of the recession, affluent shoppers increased spending on luxuries for their home in the first quarter. While affluents spent more on home furnishings and decor, they spent less on luxury experiences like dining out that take them out of their home,” Danziger reports.

“Affluent consumers are digging in to weather the rest of the recession in a nice environment, especially in areas in which the housing market has made buying a new residence impractical. And just when we thought the recession may have plateaued, the country has been hit with worry over a potential flu pandemic, if not now then in the fall. This may contribute in future quarters to an even greater reason for affluents to stay home, potentially good news for home luxury marketers but disastrous for experiential luxury marketers in the restaurant and travel sectors.”

Well, I found it interesting anyway… Interesting that those mysterious “affluents” out there are feeling a little stir crazy under house arrest. And that maybe the “non-affluents” are feeling the exact same way and maybe they deserve some options for their home, too. Light bulb moment, right? You knew we’d tie it back to AK somehow. Yes, AK CAN help everyone that’s feeling a little bit of “home sickness” – I am a Home-Medic, you know…


As a Home-Medic my Hippocratic duty is to ensure you receive the ultimate level of service while providing the quality construction necessary to complete your renovation project; ultimately helping to bring your family closer together.


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