Monday, July 27, 2015

Elements For A Glamorous Kitchen

  It sounds almost like a oxymoron, doesn't it. A glamorous kitchen? For those who are serious about their cooking, or have little ones running around, a kitchen isn’t a place for glamour. It’s for making a mess, feeding the masses and wreaking havoc in. Despite how strange it may seem, making your kitchen a glamorous space will actually make you want to spend MORE time in the kitchen - gathering with family, friends, cooking, creating even doing homework. 
  Wallpaper can have the same effect- a bold, feminine design that will instantly draw the eye and excite the senses. If you don't like wallpapering all walls, consider using panels, or an accent wall. 

 Glamour is a quality that makes a person or a thing appealing or special. Imagine feeling drawn to and happy in your kitchen space. Sound nice? We think so too. 

  A chandelier will inject instant glamour into any room, whether it’s a fuchsia pink plastic one or a glittering cut glass one. A charming light fixture helps to create a more ambient area as opposed to the harsh brightness of the central light. Consider adding some over the breakfast area, island or peninsulas.

  Add drama to the room with a splash of color. A passionate red or a regal purple, or if you’re feeling brave, something darker will make the room feel warm and sumptuous, as opposed to clean and clinical. Alternatively, go for a classic white, glossy kitchen with pastel accessories for a 50’s Hollywood glamour feel.
  Whether it’s through the reflective, glossy surface of your cabinets, or glittering glass mosaic tiles or simply through some sparkly accessories, sparkle is essential for a glamorous kitchen. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Death Of The Chevron & 5 Other Home Trends

 Judging by how often these images, and ones like them, are flooding our Pinterest feeds - we're going to go ahead and call these the 6 home trends hitting homes near you by fall 2015! From paint trends to predicting the imminent death of the chevron, these "In" and "Out" predictions are very specific....And very controversial!
   You can see below there is one that we just DO NOT agree with. What do you think? Will be you be an early adapter of these latest home design trends?

In: Oversize Art
Out: Gallery Walls
Just as we were starting to perfect the Tetris-like picture placement of gallery walls, oversize art has become the wall statement du jour. Supersized paintings, blowup photographs, and gargantuan art of every sort are dominating huge swaths of walls to stunning effect.

In: Sleek Modern TubsOut: Vintage Claw-Foot Tubs
The freestanding tub still reigns supreme, but the romantic claw-foot look is being usurped by clean, single-slab models.
Source: Signature Hardware

In: Open Kitchen Shelving
Out: Kitchen Cabinets

Good news for those needing extra kitchen storage: open kitchen shelving is now a fashionable (and affordable) way to stash your dishes.
**AK Is Calling A Quick Death On This One: Cabinets Are Not Out, They Can Never Be "Out"! While Open Shelving Has It's Place, And May Be A Trendy Look Now... We NEED Cabinets To Store Our Not So Pretty Stuff, And Keep Our Kitchens From Feel Crazy Cluttered!**
Source HouseBeautiful Pin

In: Matte Brass HardwareOut: Polished Brass Hardware
This It material is starting to look more contemporary in kitchens and bathrooms in brushed and antique finishes. 
Source: Lesley Unruh via One Kings Lane

In: ShiboriOut: Chevron
Just as you were starting to OD on chevron stripes, artistic shibori prints entered the picture. The popularity of this tie-dye-esque look is growing rapidly, jumping from pillows and bedspreads to curtains and rugs.
Source: West Elm

In: Accent TrimOut: Accent Walls
The accent wall feels passé next to its trendy cousin, accent trim. Paint that white crown molding glossy black or whatever statement-making hue suits your fancy.Source: Brittany Ambridge for Domino

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

AK Awarded For Exceptional Customer Service

AK Complete Home Renovations Recognized among North America’s Best
Customer Service Leaders within the Residential Construction Industry

Marietta, Georgia, May 19 2015- AK Complete Home Renovations, has been awarded a 2015 Guildmaster Award for exceptional customer service. GuildQuality, an independent customer satisfaction surveying company, has powered the Guildmaster Award since 2005 to celebrate service excellence in the building, remodeling, contracting, and home services professions.

AK was selected as one of the over 300 North American builders, remodelers, developers, and contractors recognized by GuildQuality for their superior delivery of customer care.

Over the past few months, GuildQuality reviewed numerous survey responses submitted by customers of Guildmaster candidates. In granting awards, GuildQuality considers two primary metrics for each candidate: the percentage of customers who would recommend and the percentage of customers who responded. AK Complete Home Renovations achieved a recommendation rate of greater than 90% from their customers, who were surveyed through GuildQuality.

“We are very proud to have been awarded with this great distinction for the fourth year! Great service is at the core of what we do for our clients; we're thrilled they feel we have fulfilled this goal and would recommend us to their friends and family.” Ed Cholfin, AK President

Remodelers, home builders, and real estate developers rely on GuildQuality's customer satisfaction surveying to monitor and improve the quality of service they deliver.For more on the 2015 Guildmaster Award and qualifications, visit

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Why We Want To Redo Our Homes

Why do we redesign our homes? Why do we feel the need to renew, refresh and remodel?
Imagine this: You're a homeowner. You love your home...But there are a few things you'd like to change about it. Does this sound familiar? For most of us this scenario is no stretch of the imagination. This is our everyday life!
Maybe you're running out of storage, or maybe the storage you have is all wrong for what you need to store! This might make the house feel constantly cluttered and lead you to constant feelings of stress because you can never keep up with the mess.
Maybe you love to cook and entertain, but the home you fell in love with in the perfect neighborhood in the perfect school system has an itty bitty kitchen that was designed with no workspace and no room for guests. You feel shut-in when you use the kitchen and when you have people over you have to miss out on the fun to prep the food and drinks.
Or maybe you have an old bathroom that is starting to slowly deteriorate. First it was the cracking caulk and the shower floor that just never looks clean. Then the tile grout is crumbling and the old hideous wallpaper is finally starting to peel in places. Every morning you wake up to this ugly space and every night it's the last thing before you go to bed. Using your master bathroom leaves you feeling aggravated instead of refreshed and ready.
So why do we remodel? 
It's not just for aesthetics It's not just to keep up with the Joneses. We remodel because it makes our lives better.
Home is where the heart is; and this is more than just a over-used cliche. When our home is in order, our hearts and our brains are in order. We are able to stop stressing over the clutter, the outdated fixtures, the peeling wallpaper and we are able to live our lives to the fullest in the spaces that we love!
You don't remodel because you want to spend your days worrying about trendy backsplash tiles or the best convection oven; you remodel so you don't have to

Using your own kitchen, your own bathroom, should be effortless and enjoyable. Is that how it is in your home? Tell us on Facebook:AK on FB

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Which Layout Is Right For Your Kitchen

  We frequently talk about the fact that each kitchen is as unique as the family that uses it. No two kitchens are ever the same! But there are common design principles and ideas that guide most of AK's kitchen designs. From galley kitchens to U-shaped, L-shaped and everything in-between, our remodeling team can tailor each kitchen space to your unique needs. Here are some basic kitchen design recommendations based on your space:
  •   In a kitchen broken up by several doorways, the solution might  be an island-based layout that divides the
    AK Kitchen Design
    kitchen space into five zones: cooking, food storage, baking, breakfast, and meal prep/clean up. Using this design idea, wide foot-traffic lanes throughout the space promote easy movement to and from the kitchen, as well as around the island.
  • The "L-shape-with-island" layout has become popular in contemporary design. The configuration can accommodate a long island while enclosing the kitchen on only two sides, leaving the room mostly open to adjacent living areas. A long L trades the traditional work triangle approach for widely separated zones -- one for cooking, one for prep/clean up, and one for food storage. The island acts as a way station -- an intermediate stop between zones.
  • An L-plus-island layout is the epitome of efficiency and simplicity. The island sink, range, and refrigerator
    AK Kitchen Design
    can form a perfect right triangle, allowing the cook equal access to the three main kitchen elements.

  • A basic U-shape layout combines galley efficiency and intimacy with the openness of contemporary plans. One hardworking wall could hold the refrigerator, cooktop, and a wall oven. A sink sharing a second wall with the dishwasher, forms a convenient cleanup zone.A two-level island would complete the kitchen, providing prep space for the cook and an eating/beverage bar for guests.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Home Painting Tips From A Color Expert

  David Oliver has become known around the world as the creative director of Paint & Paper Library, finding commercial success with his practical range of Architectural Colours; a complementary colour-by-number system for ceiling, cornice, wall and woodwork, using chromatic colours of a similar tonal weight. The color maestro, David Oliver, shared his favorite tips for picking the perfect hue in your home with Veranda magazine. David has a background in Fine Art and studied at the National Art School in Sydney. He has exhibited in Dublin, Madrid, New York, Sydney, Stockholm and London. He is also well known for his fabric and wallpaper designs! Here's what David said about painting your home to WOW not bore. 

Choosing THE Color

Choosing a paint color is one of the most difficult aspects of decoration to get right, as it has as much to do with the light source as the pigments used, and neither is constant. Using sample pots can help you avoid expensive mistakes, but you need the patience of an oyster to see how the color and light change from wet to dry and during the day and at night.One method I find helpful is to paint the inside of a wooden storage or cardboard shoe box. This helps predict how a particular color will change in a room with the different kinds of light throughout the day.

Defining The Doorways
Doors can be treated in the same way as paneling. If there's molding on them, then they can be painted in three different tones. I generally like for doorways to be darker or in a different material than the walls. They could be glossy, they could be veneer, they could even be painted three different darker shades. Doorways mark the transitional zones of the house, so when you define them in this way, it helps you navigate your way through the house.
Subtle Variation Of Color

A subtle variation of color is an effective way of uniting all the architectural elements of a room. It's more visually pleasing than when everything is painted in the same color, and it gives the architectural elements on the walls more detail. So with my paints I like to use the palest shade, No. 1, on the ceiling, No. 2 on the molding, No. 3 on the trim and No. 4 or 5 on the walls. The real beauty of this system is its prescriptive simplicity and creative versatility. It can be applied to any period or type of architecture. My color scales can benefit anyone, from experienced designers to individual homeowners who are addicted to color and passionate about paint.

Using Dark Colors
I like for baseboards to be darker than the floor and walls. My personal preference is completely dark, even black. A lot of people worry about darker colors making a room feel smaller, but in fact, I find the opposite is true—that darker colors help blur the boundaries of the room and create a sense of infinity. The boundaries, particularly at night, tend to disappear into the shadows.

Paint The Hidden Places

Sometimes there are colors you adore but haven't quite found the courage or an appropriate place to use. Why not use them to paint those places or surfaces usually hidden from everyday view, such as the inside of your kitchen cupboards or cutlery drawers? It will make a refreshing change from the off-white color usually used through habit or conformity.

Friday, February 27, 2015

4 Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Trends That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Here are four design ideas and trends that are home features that will never go out of style. When making the decision to remodel your home, consider these ideals. Incorporating some or all of these will keep you satisfied with your home for a long, long, LONG time! 
1. Clean & uncluttered Clean, uncluttered spaces are always en vogue for kitchens and remodeling, think about how to store equipment and supplies in dust-free areas (like drawers or cupboards) and allow countertops to be relatively free. For both rooms, create a good space to store and keep cleaning supplies as well. This area should be easily accessible yet not so easy that small children can tamper with the toxic supplies.
Kitchen Remodel By AK
bathrooms. These are the rooms we associate with hygiene, so it’s important that they don’t harbor dust-collecting tchotchkes. 
2. Neutral palettes Every homeowner wants to incorporate their favorite colors into their kitchen and bathrooms and this is easy to do with colorful walls, linens, and decor. But to get the most longevity out of these renovations, choose fairly neutral colors for the expensive elements like countertops, cabinetry, flooring, backsplash, and appliances. Understandably no one wants a plain vanilla room, so think about using interesting textures or patterns with neutral colors. Or use neutrals from opposite ends of the color spectrum, like ivory and chocolate brown, or white and charcoal grey.

3. Energy efficient appliances More and more, homeowners are interested in appliances
Kitchen Remodel By AK
that look good and save energy costs. Focusing on refrigerators, microwaves or ovens that offer good long-term value is important. So are low-flow water fixtures or on-demand water heaters. Look for the EnergyStart logo when shopping for appliances and talk to your contractor about other ways to save on your monthly energy and water bills.

4. Maximized spaces The layout of your kitchen and bathroom should be functional and space should not go to waste. Design for efficient movement within the rooms and good placement of storage. Invest in pull-out drawers or hidden storage spaces – it will help fit more into the space and keep everything organized. Don’t get hung-up on the actual size of the kitchen or bathroom; whether or not a room is functional has more to do with layout and design than the amount of square footage.